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LGBT Baby Boomers


Did you know that LGBT individuals in America represent approximately 4 percent of the population as of 2016? Senior citizens who identify with this group face unique challenges on every level. Unfortunately, being such a small percentage means that their complications, issues or problems are all too often ignored or unacknowledged. According to a 2017 [...]

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Pink Banana World


According to an old Irish myth, there is a pot of gold waiting at the end of every rainbow. In the heart of Sonoma’s Wine Country Fountaingrove Lodge, a revolutionary new oasis welcoming LGBT seniors, is for those fortunate enough to discover it, a place that validates the spirit of that ancient myth in a metaphorical, if [...]

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New York Times


Jon Allen lived most of his life very much out of the closet. He didn’t want to go back in when he grew older. “After you live in Key West for 20 years, you’re out comfortably every minute of every day,” said Mr. Allen, 72. “The fear is not that you’re going to move into [...]

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Sonoma County Gazette


When I began my career as a chef, I never imagined I would eventually fill the position of Culinary Services Director at two senior living communities in Santa Rosa. Over the years, I worked alongside renowned chefs Wolfgang Puck and Nancy Oakes; cooked for political dignitaries in Washington, D.C. at the Morrison-Clark Historic Inn & [...]

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San Francisco Chronicle


Fountaingrove Lodge, an Oakmont Senior living retirement community, has been honored with the prestigious Multi-Housing News Excellence Award for Best New Development and Design in the 55+ category! As the nation’s first luxury lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans-gender and ally independent senior community with the option of continuing care services, Fountaingrove Lodge was recognized for outstanding [...]

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Bay Area Reporter


It's not just about marriage equality anymore. Progress for the LGBT community is usually measured by two criteria: public opinion polls about gay acceptance in the general population; and, the number of jurisdictions which recognize our right to be treated equally when it comes to marriage laws and benefits. Traditionally "old and gay" meant "old [...]

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Northbay Biz


As the first lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT)-friendly retirement community to provide continuing and progressive care, Fountaingrove Lodge provides a safe place for residents and staff to be themselves Amazing. Gorgeous. Incredible. Residents and staff are using superlatives like these to describe life at Fountaingrove Lodge, a 10-acre retirement campus that opened in November 2013. [...]

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The National Gay and Lesbian Task Force estimates 3 million LGBT elders live in the United States. As Baby Boomers age, that number will grow. In some places, aging members of the LGBT community are driving a nascent movement. Forward thinking people are creating LGBT friendly retirement communities, building in acceptance and a supportive environment. [...]

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The Bohemian


When plans were first announced years ago to establish an upscale LGBT retirement community in Sonoma County, the idea was nothing short of revolutionary. The first of its kind in the nation, Fountaingrove Lodge was dreamed up as a place where lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender seniors and their allies could spend the post-work years [...]

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New York Times


PHILADELPHIA — DENISE SAMEN, who is 65 and a military veteran, has not had an easy life. She lost an arm in a train accident, supported herself by working a series of low-paying service and clerical jobs, needs a wheelchair to get around and came of age when homosexuality was considered a psychiatric disorder. And [...]

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