Personalized Medical Care Options

Dr. Barnett and the Integrative Medical Clinic offer health care that is more supportive, more personalized, and more holistic – different from a regular doctor’s office or the mega-health business.

Dr. Barnett provides concierge medical services through Above & Beyond Care – designed to give you more personalized care, more choices, and greater access to your doctor.

About the Integrative Medical Clinic (IMC)

IMC offers integrative medicine, conventional plus complementary and alternative medicine.

IMC’s team includes a wide range of practitioners, such as chiropractors and nutritionists, to deliver a holistic medicine approach designed to meet your health goals.

LGBT Retirement Community Physician

Ellen Barnett, MD, PhD (Board Certified, Family Practice)

Concierge Medicine Services offered at Fountaingrove Lodge

  • On-site visits at the Wellness Center
  • Enhanced communication and collaboration between Dr. Barnett and Fountaingrove Lodge’s Health Services Director
  • Communication with Dr. Barnett and consultation through phone and email
  • Priority for same day clinic visits when in-person visit is recommended
  • Annual review of supplements, vitamins, medications, etc.
  • Free attendance at IMC Foundation classes and seminars

Oakmont Senior Living is not a provider of medical services. Dr. Barnett’s medical practice is independent of Oakmont Senior Living. Oakmont residents who are interested in receiving medical services from Dr. Barnett at Fountaingrove Lodge are encouraged to join her practice.

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